Sophy Curson

Mastering the Business of Fashion on Rittenhouse Square Since 1929

Sophy Curson, the chic women’s boutique that opened in 1929 on Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, has withstood the test of time; the Great Depression, World War II, fourteen presidents and an ever-evolving fashion industry. What’s their secret? Their relationship with their customers. David Schwartz and his mother Susan (Sophy’s niece and great nephew), run the business today. The Schwartzes say their clients’ loyalty is tied to the personal shopping experience everyone receives at their boutique. “Our customers shop in our store because we offer something that doesn’t exist anymore.” said David. “We provide extraordinary service and exclusivity. You can’t find that anywhere else.”

Sophy Curson Philadelphia

Sophy Curson has become known over the years for their selection of special occasion fashions and little black dresses, but the Schwartzes make it a point to carry both show stopping evening pieces as well as a less expensive selection of clothing and accessories. They travel to Europe twice a year to source new merchandise, and attend Fashion Week in New York each fall and spring annually. “While people always think of Sophy Curson for gowns and cocktail dresses, our selection of daytime fashions is actually twice as big,” noted David.  New in the store this fall is Italian designer Fabiani Fillipi, who is known for a neutral color palate. “Their design team has created a head-to-toe look with a soft blazer and a cozy sweater complete with a tapered pant, which our clientele absolutely loves this fall,” added David.

Additional contemporary designers in stock this season include the duo of Tom and Linda Platt, who produce a modern line of daytime and evening fashions. The Platt’s are known for their brilliant colors, and they take an understated clean line approach with original fabrics. “We are excited to have the new and improved Piazza Sempione back,” beamed David Schwartz. “The Piazza Sempione team has been collaborating with modern Italian artist to create an incredible print exclusive to their collection. They have a classic ‘Audrey’ side taper slightly cropped pant on some really fantastic new fabrics.”

For stunning formalwear, Sophy Curson has earned a reputation as one of the premier women’s boutiques in the Delaware Valley for exclusive designer fashions. If you are in need of a gown for the Academy Ball or a special occasion, rest assured the nightmare of seeing your dress on someone else will not happen if you shop at Sophy Curson. “If you tell us which event you are attending, we keep a list and make certain no doubles are sold,” proclaimed David. “Our customers rely on us for his practice. This is hugely important to them, so it is hugely important to us.” This level of service is the status quo for Sophy Curson, and the Schwartzes wouldn’t have it any other way.

David Schwartz joined the company the summer after college in 1988.  “I was doing merchandizing, and went on a buying trip with my mother to Europe, and when I came back I got into a groove,” noted David.  “It has been twenty-seven years for me and I am very proud of what we have accomplished. We have evolved over the years, but still take great pride in continuing to provide the attention to detail and unmatched service that was so important to Sophy. We have preserved her legacy, and our clients greatly appreciate that!” At a time when customer service seems to be an afterthought for so many retailers, the Schwartzes recognize that it’s the reason that Sophy Curson has withstood the test of time. And after 87 years of mastering the business of fashion in Philadelphia, there’s no denying the fact that smart business never goes out of style.

Sophy Curson