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Philly’s Beer Gardens Bringing Out the City’s Most Fashionable

//Philly’s Beer Gardens Bringing Out the City’s Most Fashionable

Philly’s Beer Gardens Bringing Out the City’s Most Fashionable

Sporting Beautiful Dresses, Perfect Summer Pants, and Gorgeous Tops

Beer Here!

Philadelphia has been known as a “beer town” for a few centuries, but recently has gained accolades for becoming a craft-brewing mecca. One fantastic benefit that has accompanied our love for craft-brewing and craft beer consumption is the sudden emergence of the city’s multitude of beer gardens. The City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection seems to have fallen hard for the beer garden. In the past two years we have gone from a city with a few alfresco refreshment stations to a metropolis containing more than twenty beer gardens within the City of Philadelphia, and a few more on the way later this summer.

So the million dollar question is, of course: what to wear when sidling up beside the bar or at a picnic table in an urban oasis serving freshly brewed suds? The answer is simple: wear something cool. We’re seeing pretty, light fabrics in both dresses and pants and skirts, as well as colorful lightweight tops. Most guys are leaving the ties and jackets in the office, and many of the ladies are swapping out their heels for flats, but we’re seeing wedges, sandals and even sneakers on the rustic patios and gravel beds beneath the city’s swankiest new watering holes.

“Wearing lighter clothes is critical to enjoying any outdoor space during Philly’s hot and humid summers,” noted Sophy Curson’s David Schwartz. “Nobody wants to be outside sweating. The key is to find a lightweight dress or pants and tops that makes you feel beautiful and are fashion forward. There’s nothing like making an entrance into a happening scene after work with a boatload of confidence and swagger.”

Obviously, you’ll want to choose your apparel based on how hot the temperature and humidity are, and factor in whether you’re meeting friends or a date. “If you’re hanging out with friends, you might go a little more casual, and if you’re meeting a date, you might want to ratchet things up a bit,” quipped Schwartz. No matter how dressy you choose to go, remember to always bring an umbrella, as Philadelphians know that summer showers can pop up faster than these swanky beer gardens, and nothing can ruin your day more than getting caught in a drenching downpour.

Checkout Philadelphia Magazine’s handy list of beer gardens to determine which venue is best for you when you decide to imbibe.

Photo By Martin Falbisoner (Own work)

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Sophy Curson, the chic women’s boutique that opened in 1929 on Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, has withstood the test of time; the Great Depression, World War II, fourteen presidents and an ever-evolving fashion industry. What’s their secret? Their relationship with their customers. David Schwartz and his mother Susan (Sophy’s niece and great nephew), run the business today. The Schwartzes say their clients’ loyalty is tied to the personal shopping experience everyone receives at their boutique. “Our customers shop in our store because we offer something that doesn’t exist anymore.” said David. “We provide extraordinary service and exclusivity. You can’t find that anywhere else.”